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[Student] Astrid von Riessfield - Hannaramen

Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:04 am

Student Application

Character Info
Name: Astrid von Riessfield
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Class: Freshman

Character Background:
Astrid grew up in Atlas under a rich family that played a part in the technology and research and development industry. She was very close with her parents and she was loved and cherished by them very much. She was usually the primary test dummy for a lot of their new tech. She would also study with them and slowly learn alot of the things that they knew as far as technology and how machines work and why they work the way they do. While Astrid was being pampered by her parent she did not pay that much attention to being social and making friends, which caused her to stay inside a lot, which caused her skin to go quite pale. It is also because of this that causes her to be socially awkward and lack self confidence in many things that don't deal with technology. The more she grew up and progressed with life the more dependent she was on technology and not friends, yet she was still lonely.So she decided to work and train harder than anyone around her to compensate and distract her from the loneliness that surrounded her. Her hard work was noticed and then she was invited to beacon academy. Although Astrid really did not want to become a Huntress, her parents ushered her to accept the invitation and help them show off the technology they have created to the school and to the world who watched as Astrid displayed the latest gear from her family.

Adept in technology
Can Analyze a battlefield quickly

Depends on technology too much

Combat Information
Riessfield Lance:
A lancer that can extend and shorten, depends on sheathed or combative mode. It has 4 barrels on the outside of the lancer that are labeled 1,2,3,4 that shoot 4 different types of rounds out of them. The rounds are shotgun, sniper, rapid fire, and laser bolt. Aura can be concentrated to the tip of the lancer to add more of an effect to melee damage and usage. Wind Dust is also kept inside the lancer and can be discharged on voice command to utilize dusts of wind to help maneuver the user of the lance and/or use the wind against enemies to blow them way or to suffocate them by created a small wind vortex around their head that takes the wind right out of them.

Astrid's Semblance is moving her Aura to her Lance that increases its damage greatly. She also moves her aura to her legs which enhances her speed. While this sounds great she cannot use it for that long and she is left open for alot of attacks sicne her defense weakens in sacrifice for her attack and speed to be raised. Which leaves Astrid very dangerous but almost like a sitting duck in the battlefield.

Semblance RP Example
Astrid quickly raises her lance to shield her face from the incoming attack. She would grunt as she is pushed back from the force of the attack and is sent flying on her back as she tumbles on the wet grass and dirt. She would struggle to get up and uses her lance for support as she got to her feet. She would stare down her opponent through on eye as her other eye was wincing at the pain. She would then grimace as she raised her lance up to her opponent and point it at them in a lowered stance, one that was more serious than before. She would pause as the rain softly pitted and patted on her hair and made soft clanking noises against her lance. Astrid's eyes would narrow on the dark figure that stood before her bout 20 meter to her front. She would fiercely say, "Over-Drive" as if she was muttering the name of a bully or her worst enemy. Astrid's eyes flashed white for a second and the glow quickly left them as fast as they showed up. The tip of her lance began to glow a cloudy white as well as lines that appear on her armored legs.

Semblance Rolls
This is how your semblance affects your rolls in combat. This will help us determine whether the semblance will be technically fair and balanced during fights. Rolls are made on a d20 attached to our RP HUD. For example:
[+10atk -10def]Buff amount - how much does it add to your roll?
[1 turn]Cast time
[1 turn]How many turns does it last.
[3 turn CD]How many turns does it take to cool down.
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Re: Student Application

Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:46 am

I like the rolls. I saw the weapon in person. It works. Only thing I can think of; Wouldn't an AI in ones head that talk be under a cyborg specification? or you know, body enhancement/modification? (Asking other admins - This also goes for approval!)

Re: Student Application

Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:04 am

I would say, a sentient AI with a personality has only been seen once in RWBY. Penny. So I'm gonna have to say no. Sorry.

Re: Student Application

Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:13 am

Rolls are fine. However there is a character in rp who can pull her aura to different parts of her body. The aura to the lance is fine however.

Re: Student Application

Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:49 pm

The AI got removed. I see there's a great debuff on her leg aura. Aura now focuses on the lance greatly.

I can approve this. Second?

Re: [Student] Astrid von Riessfield - Hannaramen

Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:05 am

Looks solid to me. I say Aye!
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