Character Creation

"Setting rules for yourself that are difficult to overcome is hard. But that's why we do it!" - Monty Oum, on the RWBY color naming rule.

In order to keep the sim as true to the universe as possible, there are certain rules characters and their teams must adhere to, the most important of which being the color naming rule.


Character names on the Beacon Academy sim must be...

    A color
    Something that sounds like a color
    Something that means a color
    Something that makes you think of a color


All characters possess Aura and must have a unique Semblance. Upon application, your Semblance and weapon will be reviewed too make sure that 1) it is not overpowered and 2) that it is in its exact form taken by another active player. Be imaginative with your Semblances! Using "glyphs" to cast elemental spells is different from using runes or verbal incantations, and as such both would be allowed. Similarly, controlling wind currents to allow your character to fly and controlling gravity are also different and would also both be allowed, though they both can achieve the same ends.

All Faunus MUST have one aspect/part of their respective animal (ie. cat ears, monkey tail, scales etc.), though these parts may be hidden by clothing or makeup.

See the lore page for more information (At the bottom)

Conversely, humans must be completely human and devoid of animal parts unless they are wearing some sort of costume piece or headband.

All cyborg and MUST be from Atlas. While they would most naturally have been a part of Altas' military academy, it is not completely unheard of for them to make the individual choice to come to Vale and attend Beacon... though this would be rare and would require an appropriate backstory and reason for the change.

See the Technology section of the lore page for more information

The four kingdoms of Remnant are Vale, Vacuo, Mistral, and Atlas (formerly Mantle). They are all ruled by appointed councils that represent their people and see to their needs. All characters must be from one of the four kingdoms.

    Vale is the primary setting and home to Beacon Academy. It is considered a safe haven from the Grimm and is a green kingdom, known for its mountains and forests.

    Vacuo is located to the west of Vale on the same continent. It is heavily implied to be a harsh, desert-like environment similar to a savanna, and is home to the academy Shade.

    Mistral is located to the far east, and is said to be filled with swamps and small villages. It has a reputation of being populated by "lowlifes and thugs", likely because the Mistral Trade route, a major trade line, runs through it and often attracts thieves and bandits.

    Atlas is located to the far north. Unlike the other kingdoms, Atlas' government, military, and Academy function as a single entity. It is known for its technological advancement, for being the headquarters of the Schnee Dust Company, and for creating the Cross Continental Transmit System, which allows for communication between the kingdoms via a series of towers.

Thanks to Atlas' technological contributions, all people are capable of having a scroll - a handheld device that acts as a video and audio communicator, recording device, camera, data storage unit, and more. Anything a smartphone or iPhone could do, a scroll can do. These are often thin and rectangular and can be expanded to the size of a small iPad to accommodate more images on the screen.

For students and staff at Beacon, the scrolls are also able to summon their weapons lockers, which are rocket-powered and programmed to crash-land at the user's location when called for easy-access and safe storage of user weaponry. It is also possible to send the locker anywhere using a four-digit locational code, allowing the user to transport their weapons to a location ahead of time should they know where they'll be needing them.

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