Rules & Guidelines

Rules are important in a SIM. Not because we want to be your parents, but because we want a safe and fun enviroment where everyone feels comfortable. Please read the general rules and guidelines below

1) OOC vs IC

We are an RP sim. Please keep OOC speaking and activity to IMs or an OOC group chat. Coming to observe the roleplay is welcome and encouraged, but please do your best not to disrupt any ongoing RP. Spamming with gestures or sounds will result in ejection, warning, and potential ban for continued offenses.

If you are observing, please indicate this by using a titler or OOC tag. If you have submitted an application but it has not yet been approved, feel free to roleplay your character without the use of special abilities, as we mainly review the applications to ensure all characters are fairly well balanced and practical. Characters roleplaying without a submitted application will be considered neither student or staff and will be subject to removal from the grounds at the discretion of the staff.

2) Spying and Logging

Chat bugs, remote loggers, or other such items used for "spying" on others without their consent violates the SecondLife ToS and are strictly prohibited on the Beacon Academy sim. Violators will be reported and ejected.

3) Rezzing and Building

Please do not rez, build, or test items on the sim without moderator consent. While the landing area is OOC, it is not to be used as a sandbox or testing ground as this may cause unnecessary land impact and lag.

4) Harassment

Deliberate use of prims, particles, scripts, gestures, pictures, gadgets, behavior, or speech to purposefully harass, annoy, obstruct, or offend others is strictly forbidden. All instances of harassment will be investigated and may result in the ejection or ban of the offending parties. Violating a ban will result in being reported to Linden Labs.

5) Godmodding and Powergaming

Godmodding is the act of controlling other players' characters, either by posting the outcome of an action without allowing them to respond or outright writing their actions into your own post. Powergaming is essentially acting as if your character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. Both are prohibited in Beacon as they are detrimental to fair and fun roleplay. All instances of godmodding and powergaming should be reported to a moderator.