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[Student] Insel Coluber - helio5igma

This archive has all the unlocked character sheets. If you wish to revive and edit your character, Just copy your post and make a new thread in the thread this archive is located at.

[Student] Insel Coluber - helio5igma

Postby helio5igma » Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:51 am

Student/Teacher Application

Character Info

Name: Insel Coluber
Gender: Male
Race: Android

Character Background
Insel was created by the Atlas military in an effort to improve the aura capabilities of the military's soldiers. Built specifically to channel aura, he was given a human appearance to put military personnel at ease in his presence, though his behavior often worked against this effort. The more Insel worked with people the more curious he became, and eventually developed a need to know and learn more semblances. Recognizing that Insel was becoming reckless due to his curiosity, his commanding officer allowed him to leave the service briefly to attend Beacon in the hopes that sating his thirst for information would help calm him down.

With his strings and due to his light-weight frame, Insel is very mobile and programmed to be able to get into and out of close-range quickly and efficiently. His semblance makes him a powerful support player in combat. He is able to retain vast amounts of information quickly.

Insel is a heavy support character and does not possess a semblance ability of his own. Without the presence of teammates he is unable to exhibit any special abilities outside of the defensive aura bubble that all living creatures have innately. He is also blunt, often creepy because of his thirst for knowledge, and very off-putting, making it difficult for people to become comfortable enough with him to let him "read" them. Insel does not have any ranged capabilities, and due to being a lighter-weight model of cyborg built for mobility, only has the strength of a strong human male (ie. he is unable to stop and lift cars).

Combat Information

Insel uses wire-like strings that extend from within his wrists and act as a conduit for his aura. They are tipped with anchors and capable of holding his weight, and often used for mobility in combat to get him within range of his teammates. They are also capable of tripping and ensnaring enemies, particularly useful when his semblance is active.

Aura Conduit - Insel is capable of reading and manipulating aura. If in contact with a person, he is able to analyze, strengthen, or weaken their semblance unless the effort is blocked by the target, but Insel must remain in contact with the person to maintain the effect, and must have "read" their aura previously to have any effect at all. If in contact for a lengthy period of time, Insel is able to act as a conduit for their semblance.

Semblance RP Example
Insel waited, hidden behind a tree and his strings stretched taught between it and the tree opposite him. Before too long Cass came sprinting at him, the Deathstalker scuttling along after her, its dangerous stinger raised and poised above its head. Cass slid under the strings and Insel reached to help her up. "Now!" he said, and Cass began to glow red as her vorpal semblance activated, the auric glow transferring to the cyborg and then to his strings, just in time for the Deathstalker to rush by - and lose its stinger as the now vorpal wires severed its tail from its body on contact.

Semblance Rolls

Buff amount - how much does it add to your roll?
+5 to a teammmate's roll if they are being boosted by his semblance (single target only)
-5 to an enemy's roll if they are being dampened by his semblance (single target only)
+5 to Insel's roll if conducting a teammate's aura (ie. elemental semblances, speed, vorpal ability, etc.)

How many turns does it last?
Both boosting and dampening only last as long as Insel is in contact with that person, for a maximum of 3 turns.

How many turns does it take to cool down?
Insel must fully disconnect from a person and remain disconnected for 3 turns to "reset" himself.

Any caveats (if the bonus does not apply to defensive rolls, etc.)?
Insel must have "read" the person's aura previously in order to manipulate it. If he hasn't read an enemy's aura and wishes to manipulate it, he must take an extra turn to attempt to read it and successfully roll against his enemy while being in contact with them.
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