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[Student] Kaitoke "Kai" Hayashi - TakutoAkatashii [WIP]

This archive has all the unlocked character sheets. If you wish to revive and edit your character, Just copy your post and make a new thread in the thread this archive is located at.

[Student] Kaitoke "Kai" Hayashi - TakutoAkatashii [WIP]

Postby niaranashi » Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:40 am

Student/Teacher Application

Character Info

Name: Kaitoke "Kai" Hayashi
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Character Background
Kaitoke grew up in Vacuo. His parents were killed by large grimm while out on a mission so he was taken care of by his uncle. He admired his parents and wanted to become a hunter like them. His uncle suggested Beacon after he graduated from his first combat school.

He doesn't like his shirt.

Good upper body strength
Good resistance to heat around 100 degrees

Hates being super cold
Not very fast

Combat Information

"Wehagio" A scythe that works with his semblance and it turns into an assault rifle that can shoot dust cartridges

"Acid Trip" Kai can attack things without auras and they will act like they've been hit with strong acid. People or things with auras will become dizzy and hallucinate.

Semblance RP Example
Kai held up his scythe and deflected a beowulf attack. He pushed the beowulf off and held his scythe back- its blade pulsing green. He swung it at the beowulfs face and the eyes start melting. Small droplets fall from the grimms eyes and start melting the ground slightly.

Semblance Rolls

To things with aura (Humanoids/Animals)
Lasts 3 posts
-10 to both defense and attack rolls
Takes 5 posts to recharge.

To things without aura (Grimm/Inanimate objects)
Lasts 1 post
+10 to attack rolls against grimm
Takes 3 posts to recharge

(This is how your semblance affects your rolls in combat. This will help us determine whether the semblance will be technically fair and balanced during fights. Rolls are made on a d20 attached to our RP HUD. For example:
Buff amount - how much does it add to your roll?
How many turns does it last?
How many turns does it take to cool down?
Any caveats (if the bonus does not apply to defensive rolls, etc.)?
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