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[Teacher] Ardent Cadmium- CL234 (PhoenixSakura)

This archive has all the unlocked character sheets. If you wish to revive and edit your character, Just copy your post and make a new thread in the thread this archive is located at.

[Teacher] Ardent Cadmium- CL234 (PhoenixSakura)

Postby Phoenixx » Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:47 am


Name: Ardent Cadmium
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Character Background:

Ardent Cadmium is the Founder and former CEO of Cadmium Heavy Industries, an Atlesian based manufacturer of military hardware and mining equiptment. Ardent recieved combat training as a huntsman at Atlas academy and served a minor stint as a huntsman after graduation before meeting the mother of his future daughter, Ilya Cadmium. Unfortunately Ilya's mother perished during childbirth leaving a grieving Ardent to raise his daughter. Noticing the uncanny amount of intelect Ilya had Ardent decided to allow her to dabble in different fields within his company, eventually finding robotics to be her specialty. Seeing her excel in something she enjoyed brought joy to Ardent and he decided to allow her to continue working for the company even though she was still young. Sadly, this proved to be a terrible mistake as Ilya was horribly maimed during an explosion at one of his facilities. Doing the thing he knew how to do best, Ardent went to work creating replacement for his daughters missing limbs. Due to many of her new augmentations being bleeding edge technology, the Atlesian military attempted to strong arm ardent into allow them to run tests on her. Feeling that his beloved daughter had been through enough, Ardent vehemently denied their request and enrolled her into beacon academy hoping she could live a somewhat normal life. After she had left home Ardent began to realize that the empire he had created on war and destruction of natural resources left a bad taste in his mouth and decided to retire from the industry alltogether, now seeking to become a teacher to educate the younger generations for the betterment of remnant.

ardent is not only very driven but also extremely intelligent, these two traits allowing him to get as far as he did with his company. Being a family man, he is extremely protective of his daughter. Even though he is upward in age Ardent still takes great care of himself physically, allowing him to keep up with the 'youngsters' from time to time.

Even though he exercises often, Ardent still is in his early 60s. That being said he isnt as mobile as he used to be.
Very stubborn, often leading to him into bad situations
Does not take well to failure, if he fails a task it tends to put him down severely
Deathly afraid of spiders
Primarily a defensive fighter, not very good at initiating a fight

CHI Model 7 breaching device. Primarily used as a melee weapon, though it can fire one of its spikes to be used as a ranged weapon

Ardent becomes temporarily immobile as he channels his aura to block an incoming attack. Similar to how Ilya's semblance relies on the size and mass of the target, the aura drain of Ardent's semblance depends on the momentum of the object he is trying to block.

Semblance RP Example:
Ardent trudged through the thick snow in the forest attempting to catch his prey. He new the vile beast was near, he just had to find where it scurried to. Suddenly a ferocious snarl eminates from behind him as quarry, a beowulf, jumps down from a rather large tree to pounce on him. "Ha, not today vile beast!" he bellows as he raises his heavy gauntlet to meet his enemy, an orange glow coating his armor. A loud clang echoed through the forest as fur and flesh met Forged steel, the beowolf jarred from the impact. Seeing his opportunity he arms his breaching tool and aims it at the monster's head. With a loud bang the spike of his weapon impales the creature's head, killing it instantly.

Semblance In Combat:
Ardent's semblance only affects his defensive rolls adding +4 to a defensive roll for 1 turn with a cooldown of 2 turns. If Ardent rolls 16 or above on a defensive roll as well as outrolling his enemy's attack roll his attacker is stunned for one turn. On the flipside if he rolls below a 6, Ardent himself suffers a -4 to his next attack roll. if this causes his attack roll to go into the negative numbers, Ardent injures himself, his age getting the better of him.

Preferred subjects: History and technology

Teaching Schedule:
Weekly classes on the Impact of Technology Through History

Technology classes will primarily take place in the classroom with periodic field demonstrations either outside on campus grounds or in the emerald forest. Tech class will demonstrate the advent of technology throughout the history of remnant, focusing primarily on the utilization of various forms of dust and how they are implemented into everyday life. The field demonstrations will be geared more toward weaponizing dust and how its effectiveness has increased throughout time.

Preferred class times:
Fridays 4pm slt
Saturdays 4pm slt
Mondays 4pm slt
any of these three days Ardent could easily hold a class. If need be the times on saturday could be altered depending on the need of the academy.
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