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[Student] Cotton Caramella - niaranashi (added dice rolls)

All accepted applications go in here.

[Student] Cotton Caramella - niaranashi (added dice rolls)

Postby niaranashi » Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:43 am

Student/Teacher Application

Character Info

Name: Cotton Caramella
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Character Background
She grew up in Atlas. Born to a family of dancers, her mother was an esteemed ballet dancer and her father a hunter. It had already been decided before she was born that Cotton was going to be a dancer. Since Cotton could remember she always looked up to her father who was much more flexible to how she expressed herself than her mothers family who was uptight and almost military about the family business. When she was able to she joined a combat school in Atlas much to the dismay of her mother and grandmother. Her father supported her through the whole process. She did well during school and made her parents proud, but life in Atlas was suffocating her. Her father suggested she try for Beacon, where he graduated.

Fast reflexes and very flexible. Strong core muscles and is able to hold herself up. She's very accurate with her bow. Even more so if she filters her semblance into her eyes

She has below average hand to hand skills. If she doesn't have a weapon in her hand she's next to useless.
She doesn't have good defense. If she gets hit it hurts.

Combat Information

A short katana whose sheath turns is steel which she uses for blocking attacks and sometimes attacks with it. If she puts the handle of her katana into the sheath, it becomes a bow. She has a glove on her left hand that will filter dust that she can shoot from the bow.

She can drag her aura to a single area on her body. This will make that body part stronger. However this uses almost all of her aura so she'll be a glass canon if she uses it. It takes a lot of concentration in order to move her aura so she can't move it immediately after she uses it. If she uses it for a sense- such as sight, smell or hearing, her other senses are dulled.

Semblance RP Example
Cotton and her team stare down the horde of beowulf in front of them. Cotton stared at the beowulf in front of her and filtered her semblance into her legs. She ran full speed at the beowulf becoming a blur to normal human eyes. She jumped and kicked it right in the head sending it flying. She runs back and waits while her friends attack it, moving her aura to her eyes. She transforms her weapon into her bow and aims in at another beowulf, hitting it right between the eyes. Suddenly she feels weight on her back before screaming out in pain. An ursa had come behind her and took a swipe at her back. Her aura left her eyes and she focused it on her back to try and heal it faster.

Lasts 3 posts
+10 to attack rolls
-5 to defense rolls (If the person attacks the body part that the aura is centered in, then its +5)
A natural 19 or a 20 can break her concentration and her aura will go back to how it normally is.
Cool down 3 posts
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