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Nevermore Fight 12-19-2016

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Nevermore Fight 12-19-2016

Postby niaranashi » Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:53 am

Saved some of the RP from the Nevermore fight.
Iridescent Staron double checked her gloves and equipment. She had to recheck to see if she had placed in the arrow tip canister for her quiver seeing it was in the quiver were it belonged. She set it to spin randomly for her making sure the gears were working correctly.

Wyte Wind nudges his head towards the Exit. "C'mon. Times wasting."

Cotton Caramella heads towards the tunnel exit.

Twilight Godric salutes childishly, "Aye, Aye~"

Cotton Caramella looks towards the sky, bringing her sword out then changing it to a bow.

Wyte Wind gazes over at Cotton as he passed. "No nevermore yet- But hey; nice to see that you're at least prepared."

Naranji Nutkin looks over the sky while spinning and shifting her weapons a bit in anticipation.

The group can hear the flapping of wings in the distance. There are marks in the snow that suggest that a fight already took place.

Kyla Kallt saw everyone else looking to the sky and looked down at those marks instead, curiously studying them

Twilight Godric crosses his arms shivering with a growling complaint, "Look at this, Waiting agai-" Suddenly the sound of flapping wings catches him off guard as he looks around, "Oh great..."

Wyte Wind sqauts down to do a few bodily warming stretches, he takes a few steps towards the ruins before watching the gigantic Nevermore fly over head "Fooound it" He shouts to his team, pointing at the ruins.

Iridescent Staron "Does anyone else thing that looks like a crow or raven?" she was curious and trying to keep it light as her bow was taken into her hands.

Iridescent Wynter (amylynn.allardyce): thing>think

Kyla Kallt had turned his gaze towards the nearest ruined pillar, his voice quiet as he'd reply, "I'm more curious about what these ruins looked like before they were ruins..."

The Nevermore would notice anyone who runs up to it and starts the battle. It seems to be preoccupied with something shiny.

Ari Gobi looked out across the landscape, eyes shifting about as she searched. Her gaze never really stopped at one point until the flapping caught her attention. She looked towards the noise, trying to follow it in as she suddenly found the giant black bird. She took the bow off of her back, flicking it forward to expand. "Seems like it made a nice little nest up here."

Wyte Wind takes out his gunblade with a glint in his eyes, looking back at his team with a snickering smile. "Chaaaaaarge!!!"

Twilight Godric reaching to his back, He replies to the other students, "The less we speak.. The quicker we can get rid of that thing~!" He then follows after their leader as he unleashes his glaives.

Naranji Nutkin dashes after Wyte towards the giant black creature. "Nu-huh thatones mine!"

Twilight Godric somehow gets in the lead, We're not gonna question this, But as soon as Twi found his self in range, He tosses each glaive towards the giant grimm, "We're havin' bird for dinner!"

Wyte Wind While the two Glaves go speeding at Wyte, he side flips right over them; as if he could some how hear the LOUD noise they made when they flew! Landing in a perfect combat roll; he brings his blade across it's head. He then leaps back to crouch down; and give Nara a little foot step for a cool COOP attack!

Twilight Godric leaps to the side after watching Wyte attack it head on, "Not bad!" Quickly he chucks his whirling LOUD weapons towards the giant bird monster, "Now let a pro show you how it is done!"

The never more gets hit in its wing and bends down a bit, it cries out.

Iridescent Staron followed the crowd until she came to the same spot she was at last night. Iri moved already to the pillar, scaling it after putting her bow back on her back, she turned around carefully so as not to fall off of it. Crouching down she drew the bow again clicked the button on the guard grip and heard the gears spin the dust covered arrow tips into place a click was heard signaling the first arrow was ready to go. She drew it from the quiver letting it be held just lightly in her grasp for the moment as she watched what the others were going to do with the large creature. She checked the arrow tip seeing it was sparkling red. She just idles watching for the moment.

Naranji Nutkin rushes up behind Wyte and steps up onto his shoulder, with Wytes help she launches into the air for a moment above the giant beast. The back burner of her right tonfa then lets out a louder firey exhaust as she starts spinning downwards towards the nevermore in an attempt to land a hard slam onto its head.

The nevermore felt a bit of a push on its face so it moved its head and pushed whatever was on it back into the air.

Ari Gobi reaches behind her back, pulling an arrow from her back as she takes a stance. She breathes heavily as she steadies herself in the cold air as the adrenaline starts to warm her up. She leveled the yellow dust crystal tipped arrow at the nevermore.

The Nevermore uses a wing to brush off the attack. The feathers carry some sparks but the nevermore doesn't seem to notice.

Cotton Caramella switches to fire dust and it flows through her glove. She aims her bow at the Nevermore's head and fires a dust arrow.

The nevermore ducks out of the way of the arrow.

Rosemary Leaf presses her knee onto Kyla's leg, forcing some of her weight to make sure he would be forced to kneel, "Shhh..." She says, drawing her weapon as it slowly unfolds on her hand. "This will be over soon, don't move little guy" Adds as she comes to press her body right onto the fellow student's back while at the same time she adjusts her weapon in between what seemed to be a shield, taking advantage of its shape as she uses it as a bipod, "I havent had a chance to fully try this" Says as she fires at the bird, trying to aim at a spot where no one could get hurt, at least for now

The nevermore gets hit in the leg and it collapses slightly.

Kyla Kallt wasn't expecting the sudden weight against him, and he'd almost collapse, spinning his shield quickly to jam the prongs into the snow to support the weight. Getting an idea, he'd look down at the snow, and using his free hand he'd gather some of it up and throw it onto the prongs of his shield, where'd it'd quickly crystallize into twin spears of ice, quickly raising it up in a motion that might cause the girl to fall off of him as he'd quickly dissipate his shield, using the kinetic force to launch those icicles towards the bird.

The nevermore just barely misses the ice attack as it collapses onto its leg.

The nevermore gets back on its feet again and extends its wings sending them forward creating a huge gust of wind at the group. The group gets sent back 10 feet as the nevermore continues to flap its wings, taking flight.

Wyte Wind slides back on his feet from the large rushing gust of wind. Gah.. reminded him too much of his father. And he DIDN'T like that. So-- Time to bring that thing down to the ground. "If we clip it's wings, We can bring it down. Twi, get on my sword" He exclaimed, turning it flat for his team-mate to hop up on. "Nara, Ever heard of a desk pendilum? Just like that, except My Sword is the first Ball and Twi--- well; you can see where we're going with this. Leafy! Hit that thing with everything you've got!"

Twilight Godric coughs roughly as he brushes the snow from his face, "Sonofa..." Wyte catches his attention as he reaches his sword out to Twi, "...You're crazy..." He sniffles once more before holding out his glaives, "I like it~!" Quickly he leaps onto the blade before he is flung towards the flying grimm, "Allrigh~!" He yells out before spinning like Sanic then crashes into the beast's face.
The nevermore lets out a loud shriek and shakes its head. A large gash can be seen in its mask.

Iridescent Staron was pretty sure that Nevermore just spring boarded the squirrel back into the air. Then watched as the feathers kinda made static. She kept her attention trained to the fight still glad she was in control of her anger and keeping it for the moment. So far not many were having much luck hitting the thing to her and she was trying to think of a plan to best keep it on the ground. "Could blow up the legs...take out a wing....poke it in the eye..."

"This will be rather entertaining." she stood up again now that the bird was down. She carefully drew back the bow string with the arrow now attached to it. She inhaled while her rainbow essence centered around the tip charging both the dust covered arrow and the arrow itself she was going to create a nice bomb like effect with the arrow impact instead of just setting the bird on fire like normal.

As the wind from the bird slams into her she gets knocked off the pillar (comically in a Mario style like fall complete with noise) and into the snow this canceled out her charge as now she was mildly irritated and had to start it over. Again setting herself up after moving to have her back this time instead to the pillar, better that way then getting tossed off again. She crouched down again getting ready for the beginning of the charge. Then changed her mind charging only the dust on the arrow to let it ignite as it flew through the air. She would blow it up later....maybe....

The nevermore was angry now. The arrow bounced off against its mask.

Nero Obsidian switches his weapons into ranged mode, loading his weapon with Gravity Dust rounds. He circles wide, moving around to flank it, rather than firing head-on "If anyone else has Gravity Dust, use it. Maybe we can keep this thing on the ground." he suggests, firing a short burst of rounds at it, aiming for the left wing.

The nevermore is a beast dodging attacks left and right. Although it seems to be getting tired.

Naranji Nutkin gets hit hard by the gust and is sent flying.. pretty darn far. A snowcloud forming around the area as she hits the ground.

Ari Gobi pulls an arrow from her quiver as she runs forward from being knocked back, an ice tipped one this time as she launches it for the wing joint of this bird. "Put it on the ground... yea... got this." She used her semblance, aiming for the wing joint as she lets the ice arrow fly, hoping to catch it and freeze it.

The nevermore screeched as its wing was encased in ice. It fell from the sky creating a strong wind and a loud thunk.

Cotton Caramella flicks her wrist and changes the dust cartridge to ice, aiming right between the birds eyes. "Please hit!"

The nevermore gets hit in the cheek with the arrow, forming a slight frosty patch.

Kyla Kallt feels a certain pushy girl behind him giving it all she had towards that makeshift catapult earlier, and had finally groomed out the singed hairs she gave him. Dusting himself off, he'd climb to his feet, reaching his hands out, bathing them in a soft blue glow as he begins walking towards the bird, gathering snow up in his path to create a flurry around him. Apparently suicidal, the man would pick up speed and run within range, crouching to slam his hands to the stone and causing the flurry to pick up, shrouding both him and the bird, compounding its ice-related issues even more by distracting it with blinding gusts.

The bird shrieks as more of its body gets encased in ice. It's starting to struggle more and more. ((An additional -5 to atk and def))

The nevermore is still struggling, pecking at the ice but cannot move. ((no attack))

Wyte Wind was ready to bring the hurt on this thing! Rushing in from the distance it hand blone him back; he fired several shots upon his approach, then~ Right when reaching his target; he shifts his sword to blade mode and leaps RIGHT onto the beast's back "Time to make me an ice-sculpture" He growled, ONE vicious slash, another! and another! It picked up speed with every attack, Then. He finished his crazy combo with a blackflip-- firing an Electric Dust Bullet to it's torso!

The electricity wouldn't be as powerful through the ice but the attack still packed a wallop. The nevermore's head hangs, trying to get more energy.

Twilight Godric spins his flashy blades around as he snickers to his self, "Man that was so cool, I just flipped in there and BAM~" Blinking back he then shields his face from the oncoming gusts of snow, Flailing back hysterically he yells to the others ahead of him, "Hey! I was still boasting over here!" Biting his teeth down he then chucks his glaives to grimm's head, "Ahhhh!"

The nevermore cries out, the the fire glaives searing its head, giving it two steaming scars on its head.

Nero Obsidian runs a short ways and jumps from the stone in front of him, leaping high into the air, getting a direct angle of attack to the beast's head. He unleashes a full-auto burst of Grav rounds, emptying his magazines at the creature's face.

The birds head gets pounded with bullets until the whole bird disintegrates into the air, floating over the top of the trees.

Twilight Godric holsters his glaives before brushing his nose, "Heh, Alrigh~!"

Nero Obsidian nods his head and tucks his weapons away, scanning the area for other possible threats.

Kyla Kallt sees that the battle has ended, lifting his palms from the rough stone to cause the blinding snow hiding him and Wyte from view to fall and dissipate, leaving them exposed to the crowd once more.

Cotton Caramella sighs and puts away her bow. She jumped and punched the air, "We did it!"

Ari Gobi shivers, folding her bow back down and putting it back on her bag. "There... we got the thing... can we go inside where it's warm again?" She shook some, crossing her arms again as she went back to the same kind of cold she was in as people walked up.

With the nevermore dead, the mission was over. Ozpin will be waiting within the school main lobby.

Sapphire Shropshire was glad it was dead, and was such a big help in defeating it.

Nero Obsidian thinks Sapphire should receive a medal for all the amazing heroism

Cotton Caramella thinks that Sapphire should be the leader of their squad, not her.

Kyumimi thinks about buying the squirrel a parachute

Sapphire Shropshire would totally agree if she could read their minds. But alas, she cannot and as such has no idea as to their thoughts.

Nero Obsidian thinks Sapphire should be the leader of HIS squad, and she's not even IN it.

Cotton Caramella is really cold and thinks they should go back to the school.

Naranji Nutkin 's head pops out of a big pile of snow and looks around.

Sapphire Shropshire is moderately cold, maybe returning would be in their best interest while thoughts of her leading all went through some people's heads

Nero Obsidian good call. at this point I'm not even disguising it as thoughts... just flat-out kicking down the fourth wall.

Kyla Kallt quickly leaves the platform, slipping back to the outskirts of the group where he's easily missed

Wyte Wind gently crouches down at Nara's head. "Hey check it out. A Snow Squirrel."

Sapphire Shropshire walked over to the squirrel and offered her hand. "Need some help?"

Naranji Nutkin pouts in an unserious manner "I take offense to that."
Naranji Nutkin nods to Sapphire "I'd love that."

Twilight Godric covers his mouth with a slight cough and laugh, "Nice landing Nut~"

Naranji Nutkin looks unamused at Twilight "I take offense to that one too."

Sapphire Shropshire waited for Naranji to take her hand, and would then help her stand up.

Kyla Kallt could easily clear that snow away, but doesn't want to draw more attention to himself, preferring his spot in the nearby bushes

Wyte Wind "Is there anything that doesn't offend you, Nara?" He jests, tucking his hands behind his head in a nonchalant manner

Naranji Nutkin with the help of Sapphire's hand she pulled herself up and out of the snow pile. Pulled a little hard and almost toppled them both over.

Ari Gobi started to walk on, trying to make her way back towards the school.

Sapphire Shropshire lost her footing for a second on the slippery snow when Naranji grabbed her hand, and she fell getting a face full of snow. Well that was less than graceful.

Wyte Wind facepalms at the mess those two had made. It looks like this was a job for a MAYN!

Naranji Nutkin walls right back into the pile. " Oh no.. are you alright?" and then can't help but giggle a little.

Wyte Wind steps over towards the both of them! Offering BOTH of his hands. "Alright, 'nough messin' round
Cotton Caramella tilts her head, "You need help?"

Sapphire Shropshire got up, shaking the snow from her hair as she got on her knees and shook a little. "Oh yah, fine just fine. That could have gone better eh?" she said with a chuckle, brushing some of the snow off her outfit. "Yah that would be nice." she said in response to Cotton. She turned to Wyte and nodded. "I appreciate it but I think she's got me." hopefully.

Cotton Caramella held out her hand towards her teammate.

Naranji Nutkin takes Wytes hand and attempts to pull herself up.. again.

Kyla Kallt sneaks through the bushes until he made it to the next pillar, best ninja in beacon

Sapphire Shropshire successfully gets up this time, shaking the snow from her skirt. "Well, I guess it's time to head back for some cocoa maybe?"

Cotton Caramella nods enthusiastically, "Yes that sounds great."

Wyte Wind "Uh huh.." Wyte seems to furrow his brow at Sapphire; feeling a little.. whats the word, insulted? Nah, not that bad. But hey-- He offered her a hand and got nothin' for it. So... MEH. Anyway, with Nara up; he brushed some of the snow from her head, a sigh following. "C'mon. I'm in the mood for Pizza. Home Delivery Style"

Naranji Nutkin beams happily "Sounds good!"

Twilight Godric sighs after a sniffle, Watching one student being a ninja while the others took their time to free the Nut from the snow, He then barks out while hugging his self to keep him warm, "Alrigh, How about we go back.. We needa meet up with Ol' Man Ozpin right?"

Sapphire Shropshire heads back.

Kyla Kallt watches the white-themed guy handle his Nut for awhile as he leaned casually against the rough stone pillar, apparently not minding the cold whatsoever despite his summer wear

Professor Ozpin looks out at his students coming in, "Welcome back- I've heard all went well."

Wyte Wind "Mission' Complete Profess. One Dead Nevermore, one even more Hungrier Team." He spouts with no care of formalities.

Professor Ozpin smiles, "Good." His face then slightly more serious. "Nothing out of the ordinary I hope."

Kyla Kallt had found a nice hidey spot next to the potted plant, but frowns as he finds it quickly stolen by his arch-rival, casting a chilly look her way before sighing and making due with his vulnerable spot in the open
Twilight Godric coughs before giving a thumbs up with his kitty mittens, "Just your typical giant bird of destruction~!"

Wyte Wind "Nope.. I mean; unless you count a giant murderous bird; intent on killing all of us and then feasting on our FLESH.." Things got a bit too real there.. and dark.. BUT~ "Then nope; everything normal. We kicked it's ***.."

Crimson Sombra looks around the incoming students. "Wait I just missed a mission?"

Ari Gobi shrugged, just offering the one bit of insight she had. "Depends if if you consider it roosting in some ruins bizarre or important."

Kyla Kallt quickly decides he doesn't like being in the open, scooting closer to the plant as he hopes his nearing presence will cause the girl to evacuate his target area

Crimson Sombra "Aww man."

Professor Ozpin takes another sip of his coffee. "Roosting? In the ruins? Interesting." He takes another sip of his coffee. "Good to see all of you back. Make sure to get some rest."
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