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[Hoodlum] Rhythm [last name pending] (agirl3003) WIP

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[Hoodlum] Rhythm [last name pending] (agirl3003) WIP

Postby Miyuki » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:39 am

Student/Teacher Application

Character Info
Name: Rhythm
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus (cat tail)
Class: school's for neeeeeeerds!

Character Background

still working on the parents background so bleeeeh

Rhythm was the first child born to her parents....though not for long. She was actually born a twin but was older by about an hour. Her younger sister Opal was bigger than her form the start, but Rhythm made up for her size with her attitude. Despite being born deaf, she never let that stop her form doing whatever she wanted to do. She was taught sign language at a young age, but preferred to just make up her own signs for a lot of things, as such it is a tad muddled. Her father had a pair of headphones made for her when she was around 8 years old, which allowed her to hear. So long as she is wearing htem, she can hear as well as anyone else. When she was still but a wee toddler, her younger sisters were born. Rhythm immediately took charge, and the sisters had a close bond. Whether it was simply how they all were, or because of Rhythm's influence, the sisters all seemed to be little trouble makers and remained that way to the present day. They formed their own team called RAOW(Rainbow) and they display their 'colorful personalities' on their clothes.

- Agility, she is very agile, more so when using her skate board. However it limits her to flat ground.
- Excellent aim. She mostly uses ranged attacks, between her cannon and her yoyo. However she is very good at hitting her mark.
- Sexy, she is a self proclaimed beauty queen, and any man who doesn't find her attractive is CLEARLY blind! Or gay.
- Awesome artist! Clearly the officers cannot appreciate her artistic genius and seek to stifle her creativity!

-Very bossy, as the oldest of her siblings she likes to call the shots and doesn't take orders herself well. She prefers to be the one in charge.
- Has issues with authority this leads off from her bossy nature, which often gets her in trouble with the law. She doesn't like to listen to anyone's rules but her own.
- Deaf - she was born deaf and uses her headphones to hear. Without them she can't hear anything, but can still feel beats around her.

Combat Information
Weapon - We got da beats and Vacillate

Her first weapon, and the one that stands out the most, is her dubstep canon named 'We Got Da Beats'. She shares this weapon with her siblings, as they all created theirs together. Hers is made to use amplified sound waves, that works along with her semblance to create powerful vibrations. She blasts music at her opponents which can push the opponents away from her, or disorient them.

Her other weapon is Vacillate, which is a yoyo with a steel cable wire. The yoyo itself is made of metal, with a button in the middle. Most of the time it resembles a normal yoyo which she plays with, or uses to smack people with. If she presses the button sharp razor like blades come out of the sides to slice at her foe.

She also moves around on a skateboard which gives her added agility, and she can boost her speed with her weapon's sound waves. Her board is made out a durable materia and she will periodically fling it in front of her to blcok small incoming projectiles.

Semblance - Amplify
Rhythm has the ability to manipulate and control sound waves. She normally uses this to strengthen sound waves from her weapon, but can also let out a shrill scream which can temporarily deafen her enemies, or give them headaches. She can also use this ability to nullify in coming sound waves. Her ability is limited to a radius of 8 feet around her, so she can only control the sound waves within that bubble. However, If she sends out amplified waves from within her radius, it keeps the strength even as it leaves her field of control. She simply cannot make it stronger at that point.

Semblance RP Example

Rhythm whistled as she was finishing off the final touches of her masterpiece, when she heard the sound of sirens behind her. She turned to see a group of police officers, sounding that they 'found her' and were attempting to capture her. She grinned as she hopped on her skate board, circling them as she smacked them a few times with her yoyo. When she got tired of messing with them she let out a scream as they began to shout and fall over clutching their heads. The ringing in their ears making it difficult to focus on catching her. In the confusion, she disappeared into the night.

Semblance Rolls
This is how your semblance affects your rolls in combat. This will help us determine whether the semblance will be technically fair and balanced during fights. Rolls are made on a d20 attached to our RP HUD. For example:
  • Buff amount - how much does it add to your roll?
  • Cast time
  • How many turns does it last.
  • How many turns does it take to cool down.
  • Any caveats (if the bonus does not apply to defensive rolls, etc.)
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