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[Student] Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

All accepted applications go in here.

[Student] Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

Postby Krow » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:40 pm

Student/Teacher Application

Character Info
Name: Norman Tekkite
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Freshman

Character Background
Tell us about your character, here did he/she grew up? How was their life ect.

The young child overlooked his village as it slowly, but surely, burned to the ground. Norman sat atop a hill that could see across the village and into the forest beyond, which was obscured by the pillars of black smoke against the night sky. He forgot how long he had been sitting there, but he did remember what he woke up to that night.

Norman was sound asleep in bed, his mother having been in the adjacent room, doing what - he did not know. At first, he heard the crash of a building caving in. Then he felt the heat. As he opened his eyes, all looked as it should be in his small, cozy room. He could hear the crackling of their fireplace, muffled by the walls of the home he lived in.

But... There was an odd light coming from his window, just above his bed. It would flicker in and out of existence, but he knew it was there. He slowly lifted himself to sit upright and crane his neck to look out the window, his eyes nearly shut from such a rude awakening. What he saw, he didn't quite understand at first. But he slowly came to realize that the fire he could hear was not his fireplace - it was his neighbor's house. There were people crowding all around it, doing as best they can to toss water on the flames in a frantic way.

The others were collecting pails and buckets of water as quickly as they could, darting here to there to give the villagers already there the water to try and quench the flames. But they did not stop, instead, they relentlessly licked for more. Norman watched as it was slowly crumbling to charred, singed bits. They were all shouting and running around like ants in a panic - but they all stopped when they heard a thunderous, bone chilling roar. All of the fear and shock of the incident had gotten more attention than the villagers would have ever wanted. The last thing Norman saw out his window was a creature, as black as the sky above, begin emerging from the forest line to the far side of the village, before his door burst open.

He flicked his head over to see his mother rushing into the room, her face a ghastly pale. She scooped up Norman without question, hurrying out of his room. She never said a single word, for even the young boy knew what was happening. She carried him out the front door, trying to hold his head into her chest to most likely keep him from seeing the terrible beasts. However, he could still hear them. It was much louder outside of the house, the roar of the flames and the growls of the Grimm around them, along with the shouts of alarm from the villagers were almost enough to make the boy soil himself.

His mother kept murmuring to him, "It will be okay, it will be okay," but he was unsure if it more for herself, or for him. There was the sound of an animal yelping frighteningly close to him, and Norman wished for the world that he could just see what was happening. After a moment, a man called out urgently, "Liria, go! Get the child out of here!" There was a moment where his mother stopped in her tracks, shifting her body to, what Norman guessed, look back at the man. They stayed still for a second longer before she spun around once more, continuing to attempt their escape at retreat.

It was in vain, however. He heard the growl and the snarl before everything toppled over, his mother went crashing down to the ground, Norman falling from her grasp. He quickly rolled over and came to a stand on his hands and knees, looking for where his mother had landed. Instead of finding just his mother, he found an Beowulf sitting atop her, rising up itself to most likely deal the killing blow. She was able to give Norman one last glance, shouting at him, "Run!" Before the Beowulf came down upon her. Norman scampered to his feet, not even thinking twice as he hurried away from the creature.

And then, after hours of hiding and waiting, he found himself here. Looking over the now ruined village that he used to live in. He didn't feel sad, however. He didn't feel angry. He didn't feel... Anything. The creatures of Grimm had now taken everything but the clothes on his back from him, and he was the only thing left of his now smoldering village. He didn't cry - at first he did, but not now - nor did he lash out at the world and anything around him. He was now no longer able to live the life of a normal child. He was alone in the forest, and far from the kingdom of Mistral. Norman slowly came to a stand again, giving his ruined home a final look before he turned around, descending the hill into the woods, hoping that the broken moon above would light his path.
Norman thought back to that day. It was the day that changed his life forever. It changed who he was, and made him what he is now. He parted his lips to let out a low exhale, his dark grey eyes looking down at the road beneath him as he lay in wait. The tree he was sitting in was incredibly uncomfortable, but it concealed him better than any others around. His dark colored hood kept his face hidden in shadows, the rest of his jacket blending in with the dark, like a creature of the night. He was a patient one, however - a not-so-common trait among young ones. He remained still in wait, until he heard the sound of wheels crunching on the gravel road.

The carriage was coming close now, Norman knew, but he dared not move his head to see, lest give his position away. He remained as stationary as possible, even his breathing becoming thin and slow. The carriage he was after had been stolen by bandits in the region not too long ago, and since it was already stolen, Norman saw no wrong in taking what was already taken. The crunching grew ever closer, and he began to make out the sound of conversation - arguing. Two men, blabbering incoherently in their own odd accents. Norman didn't know if this was the true number of people manning the carriage, but he kept himself prepared for more.

It was close now. He could see the light of the lamp held on the front of the carriage as it drew ever nearer, before he finally saw one of the front wheels. Once it came into view, a stubby man in brown rain garb came after it, to which Norman quickly descended upon. His hands revealed the two daggers that had been concealed in his sleeves as he fell down upon the man, driving the end of each one of the blades into either side of his neck. It was a killing blow, and the weak bandit was left falling down to the floor under the weight of the shadow man. Norman landed on his back with his legs ready to spring forward in a king of leapfrog looking position, before he quickly pried each of the blades from the first bandit's body, lunging forward for the second.

The horse carrying the carriage neighed uneasily in fright as Norman carried the second man off of the carriage, each of his daggers driven up under the man's rib cage. He shrieked and gasped for air as he fell to the ground, before Norman sprung off of him and back to the carriage, leaving him to bleed in a ditch. He grabbed hold of the side as he sprung back for it, silently thanking the horse for not sprinting off without him, as he climbed up onto the seat. He looked around the boot for a third bandit, and upon finding none, let out a quiet exhale of relief. He sheathed each of his daggers into their scabbards on his belt, before dropping down onto the seat of the carriage on his knees, reaching back to see what goodies lie in wait for him.
Norman woke up with a start, jolting a slight bit, and then cried out as he fell to the ground off of the branch he had been lying on. He spazzed out for a moment as he quickly clambered to his feet, flicking his fists towards the ground to let the blades hidden under his sleeves extend out of their hiding spots, the mechanism that made them have such a springing motion now holding them in place. He panted quietly as he looked around the area he had been in for the night, realizing that it was just the beginning of the morning. His breathing slowly lessened, pressing his thumb into the pad on his palm to retract the blades back into his sleeves. He adjusted his stance to not be so combat ready, instead more relaxed and drowsy.

He looked up at the tree where he had previously been sleeping, noticing the dark leather back pack that was hung on the end of the thick branch he had once rested upon. He flicked his right wrist out, extending the blade out of his sleeve as he swiftly swiped it into the air, chopping the tree branch down with one quick move, catching the bag and narrowly dodging the wooden appendage. He retracted the blade after the branch fell to the ground, slinging his pack over his back as he turned over, continuing his small journey, his boots pressing into the grass beneath him - still wet with morning dew.

Living out here is getting to you,[i] Norman thought. [i]You need to get somewhere better. Somewhere where the beds aren't... Well, trees. He had a quiet chuckle to himself as he thought about being a bird in a tree, before he focused on his travels again. He had been alone for all of his life now. He had stopped at a village here and there, but only long enough to sell pelts and food. Otherwise, he had been in the wilderness, wandering aimlessly with the only thought in his mind being survival.

Along his travels, he had gathered enough materials and equipment to finally create his own form of weaponry. The boy was even proud of how well it worked, and how well it was made. In all the time that he had it, it had only malfunctioned once. He was so proud of it, Norman even gave it a name: Umbra Malo. The wet grass squelched under his feet with every step, his eyes remaining on alert as they scanned the area in front of him. As his thoughts drew back to his previous concerns, he remembered something... Something that the last village told him about. You know it's a good idea, he thought to himself.

Vale. Norman had heard it was a much better alternative to living in the wilderness. It would even give him more time to practice on his combat, and actually make friends again. You know what you have to do. He had nowhere near enough Lien to buy his way to Vale, but he knew how to get some. It was going to be tricky, and it was going to be putting a large red "X" on his forehead if he went through with it. But, 'eh, what's there to lose? He shouldered his pack as he made up his mind about it for the first time in weeks, changing his direction to march off towards a very... Bad location.

His feet would soon lead him to a village named Okinalu, home to a bandit "Lord." The only Lord aspect about him was his horde of Lien, spices, Dust, and all around valuables. It was going to be tough getting all he needed out, but he knew that he could do it. Norman thought carefully about what he was about to do, thinking about how he should go about it all. The bandits already disliked him for how much he took their own stolen goods from them for himself - but out in the wilderness, you did whatever you could to survive. And hopefully, when he made it to Vale, he would be living well enough that he didn't have to worry about surviving.
The trip to Vale was a long one. Well, for Norman it was. He had never even been in an airship before, and look at him now; riding in the most high end ship there was leaving Mistral. He gazed out the window he sat beside at the horizon beyond, his eyes watching and taking it all in. He let a slow exhale escape through his sinuses as he folded his arms underneath his chest, feeling the spring loaded mechanism in his sleeves that held his blades in place. He had gathered more than he needed at the bandit lord's village, enough to buy him a way there and have enough to go on a two way trip from Vale to Mistral and back. His lips curled into a faint smile as he the realization began to dawn in his eyes. He had finally done it. He left Mistral.

He exactly how long he had been on the trip, but he soon saw beneath the scattered puffy clouds of white, a kingdom. He didn't even need to wait for the announcers to inform them that they were arriving, for he knew nothing could be as beautiful as the city-state he was arriving at. He could finally have a new life, one where he didn't have back pains from sleeping on the ground and in trees, living off of wild hunt and rations from a village here and there. He didn't have to worry about a pack of Grimm coming down upon him as he cooked his meat on a fire, or fear that he might be ripped from where ever he slept, and not be able to be fast enough to defend himself.

As he looked out at the ever approaching city-state, he yawned quietly in surprising exhaustion. Norman hadn't realized how long it had been since he had last slept, and it was now coming back to bite him. He blinked his sleepy eyes out the window for a moment, before he slowly closed them. He knew there wasn't enough time to take even a short nap before they reached the kingdom, but he just wanted to let his eyes rest for a moment. Before he knew it, he was leaning forward against the glass of the window, his tired stature making him look like a wreck. He jolted to life again when he heard the sound of the doors opening, blinking his eyes rapidly for a second as he stared out the invisible barrier between him and Vale.

While he had his brief shut eye time, their ship had arrived, and had already docked. People were picking up their things and filing out of the airship, in the twos, ones, and threes. Norman shook his head side to side to wake himself up, reaching down with his right hand to pick up the bag that had rested at his feet during the whole flight, hoisting it up and slinging it over his right shoulder, rolling said shoulder a small amount to shift it into a more comfortable position.

Norman turned over to the doors that lead out of the ship, making his way over to them and out onto the landing pad. He looked around at the skies for a moment, devoid of branches blocking out the clouds. Replacing the usual sound of birds and wild life was now conversations and vehicles. He sighed quietly, a sign of accomplishment, and made his way off to find the first apartment building there was.

Tell something about your character his/her Strengths.
Speedy - Norman is quick and fast with his attacks, leaving most people who aren't well trained in combat in a daze. Being able to have the upper hand in the wilderness meant being the one to shoot first.
Stealthy - An important trait of a thief is to never be caught, and to do everything as silent as possible. Norman is swift and agile, pairing with his fast attacks, making a deadly combination.
Calm - In the face of danger, or excitement, Norman usually stays very calm. He hardly ever has any outbursts, cries, or shows emotion at all. This helps him mostly in combat, where fear may turn away some, he will stand his ground and fight - to victory, or the bitter end.
Cunning - Living on his own in the wilderness was a tough task, but he is still kickin' it. Norman uses his knowledge of stealth and combat to stealthily or quickly take down opponents. He's always got a trick up his sleeve - literally.

Tell something about your character his/her weaknesses.
Stubborn - He doesn't give up easy. When faced with an opponent that just keeps kicking his posterior, he will not give up at trying to kill or defeat whatever is causing him so much frustration. This not only affects his mind in combat, but also out of it, making him a very sore loser.
Detached - Norman lived by himself for pretty much his entire life. He's never spoken with anyone for longer than a few seconds, usually just for trading purposes. He is a very hard person to hold a conversation with, and where other's reactions would be more dire to certain situations, he is most always mellow.
Lone-wolf - Norman has fended for himself for his entire life, and has done a pretty good job for himself. Due to him having fought for himself for so many years, he may tend to forget that he has the advantage of allies, and might leave them behind and take on enemies on his own.
Light attacker - Norman's only form of heavy attacks are his metal plated boots, so fighting armored or large enemies will prove to be more difficult for him. He plays the role of something like an assassin more than anything else. Where multiple lightly armored targets would rather be easier than one very large target.

Combat Information
Describe your character his/her weapon. Remember: only one weapon, which has three forms: A folded mode, unfolded mode and a ranged attack mode.

Norman's weapon, Umbra Mola, are two spring-like wrist gauntlets that extends from the base of his fingers to below his wrist. A blade rests on the underside of his arm on the mechanism that, when Norman throws his arms down, the mechanism is released and the blade extends up to three feet. The blade is then retracted by pressing his thumb into a pressure pad on his palm, where it then locks until he throws his arms down once more. When he presses his index and middle finger into the pad directly below themselves, then two small barrels extend out on the topside of his arm, capable of firing up to twenty Dust rounds in a matter of five seconds, before having to recharge and reload.

A secondary form of attack that Norman uses, however not specifically a weapon, are his metal plated boots. The only parts that are actually plated, however, is the bottom, the toe, the sole, and an inch on either side.

Tell something about your character his/her Semblance. Please be aware that semblances should also include a merit or drawback to them. Example: Character x can run very fast, but only for short periods.

Norman's semblance is small scale time distortion. When Norman activates his semblance, a bubble that extends to twenty feet around him in every direction forms, lasting for up to six seconds. Everything that is caught in the bubble is then frozen in time. Norman himself is capable of moving through this time freeze, at the cost of a seventh of his Aura. However, with each usage of his semblance, the rate of Aura loss increases by two, meaning he can only cast it three times before his Aura is completely depleted. Anything entering the bubble is also caught in the time freeze, only moving again until the effect has worn off. Essentially, he can land killing blows, preform an impossible save, or cause a silent assassination - anything that can happen when time is frozen.

Norman is able to cast the bubble around him, but can be in any area of the bubble that he casts. He cannot cast it where he is outside of it, he has to be inside of it at all times to be cast, but he is capable of leaving it after it has been activated

Semblance RP Example
As we noticed some Semblances look good on paper but don't work as well in combat, please provide a short RP post of your character demonstrating their semblance. A minimum of 3-5 sentences is preferred to give us a good glimpse at how the ability will play out in game.

Norman's feet crunched on the dead leaves and twigs that littered the ground before him. It was dark out, but he knew that he had to move regardless. The area he was in was infested with Grimm, with several accounts of travelers being attacked. He just wanted to go through the forest. The trees above him kept the area dimly lit, the moonlight having a hard time finding its way between all of the branches and dead leaves still trying to hang on. He shifted the shoulder that his pack's strap hung on, sighing quietly. He did not want to be caught in this tired state by any amount of Grimm, for he would have the disadvantage in any encounter.

He came upon a group of bushes, and reached down with his left hand to brush and push them aside, wading through the small sea of twigs and dead plant matter. His eyes stayed focus on the area in front of him, making sure he saw every little detail. However, the ruckus he was making by moving through the bushes so noisily was not a good idea. He had forgotten to be cautious and quiet due to his drowsiness, and paid the consequences for it. He was focused on the area in front of him, yes, so that is why he did not expect what came from the side.

Norman grunted loudly in pain as he was flung backwards, blinking in surprise. He tried to sit up from being knocked onto his back, recounting what he had seen to put together what was attacking him. All that he had seen was a flash, and then he was knocked back. He realized his pack was knocked from his grasp as well, probably sent flying through the forest. As he attempted to sit up, he blinked again as he saw a Beowulf lunging at him out of the foliage. His eyes widened - and so did the Grimm's maw - as it closed the distance between it and him rather quickly. Once it was merely a foot away from Norman, there was a quiet woomf noise.

Norman stared up into the creature's jaw as it came so close to his face, and... Came no closer. It stayed where it was, remaining stationary in the air above him. As Norman sat there staring at it for just a single moment, he realized; one second gone. He quickly rolled over and out of the way of the Grimm's path, rising up onto his knees and throwing his arms down at his sides, flicking Umbra Malo out. He had taken up three seconds just with that, having only two seconds to land a blow. He jabbed each of the tips of either blade up into the side of the Beowulf's neck, before the bubble wore off.

The Beowulf continued its journey, colliding with the ground and letting out a loud yelp as it realized it was now the one in danger. It tried to lash out at Norman, and as he realized it wasn't yet dead, he jumped over the body of the creature to the other side, dragging his blades along with it to effectively severe its head. The Grimm's body fell limp as he came to a stand again, retracting his now black covered blades. He turned his head down to look at the corpse of the creature, already beginning to dissipate away. He shook his head side to side in frustration of his uncaringness, before lifting his head back up to look for his pack and - upon finding it - walked over to it, reaching down to pick it up and sling it over her shoulder.

Semblance Rolls
This is how your semblance affects your rolls in combat. This will help us determine whether the semblance will be technically fair and balanced during fights. Rolls are made on a d20 attached to our RP HUD. For example:
  • Buff amount - how much does it add to your roll? Norman's semblance would add a +5 to speed based rolls upon activation, and -5 upon deactivation.
  • Cast time The time it takes Norman to activate his semblance is near instant.
  • How many turns does it last. Norman's time bubble lasts for six seconds, so I would say two turns.
  • How many turns does it take to cool down. Norman can only use his semblance three times in combat, where they cool down after three turns each.
  • Any caveats (if the bonus does not apply to defensive rolls, etc.)I am not too familiar with your form of roll and turn based combat, but I will try my hardest to adapt if I am accepted or helped before hand, and will change it accordingly.
Last edited by Krow on Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:51 am, edited 3 times in total.
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Re: Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

Postby Miyuki » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:07 pm

I will let you know when I get around to reading your info XD while the enthusiasm is very much appreciated, summaries aren't so bad either. As far as your rp sample goes, just keep in mind that in SL rp while you want it to be interesting, adding too many details and having it be too long will take 1. a long time to type and hold up rp and 2. can bore some people when reading it. I am guessing you came from forum rping? I used to be a forum rper myself =)

anyways, will update when I finish reading it.
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Re: Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

Postby Krow » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:01 am

I have edited the weapon and semblance descriptions to more fit the picture in my head I have for him.

About your concerns for the detail I may implement into my roleplay, I can keep it all down to a bare minimum if necessary. Whenever I start writing, I just can't make a story all that short, so I do apologize for the length. I look forward to your response when you do in fact read it, however!

Also, as an off topic thing, I have been having trouble creating an avatar for Norman. Would it be acceptable if I were to wear a mask as him for a while, until I can figure out how and what to do for him?
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Re: Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

Postby niaranashi » Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:21 am

Backstory looks fine.

Pretty much all of the weaknesses can be summed up by "Detached" or "Anti Social". With as many strengths as you have, it just seems over powered.

Weapon looks fine.

Semblance looks fine.

I'm gonna say for simplicity's sake make the cool down a static number. Either in posts or with how many times you can use it during a combat scenario.
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Re: Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

Postby Krow » Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:52 am

I have modified his strengths and weaknesses from just being traits I wanted to point out. The cool down has been edited where he can only use his semblance three times in a fight, and cool down after three turns of usage.
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Re: Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

Postby Peke » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:38 pm

Alright. Looks solid to me now. Any second?
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Re: [Student] Norman Tekkite - Qrow1 Resident

Postby Nara » Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:04 am

Everything looks good to me! Quite the book here but it all seems solid!
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