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[Teacher] Felicia Rose - niaranashi (added roll changes)

All accepted applications go in here.

[Teacher] Felicia Rose - niaranashi (added roll changes)

Postby niaranashi » Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:37 am

Teacher Application

Character Info

Name: Felicia Rose-Edmond
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Character Background
She grew up in Mistral to a family who guards caravans on the trade route. She was trained since she was 5 on tactics and swordplay. Around 13, she was tattooed with wind dust on her body and she started going to Sanctum. During a Vytal festival, just before she graduated Sanctum, she fell in love with someone from Beacon. She ran away after she graduated and went to vale to attend Beacon with him, wanting to become a huntress with him. After she graduated they got married and had a child. The child was unplanned but she was happy about it. She decided to become a teacher at Beacon instead of a huntress so she can stay with her child while her husband goes off on missions.

Extremely adept with her weapon and aura.
Good observation skills.

If she loses her glasses she's practically blind. **see rolls**
If someone gets taken hostage she will not attack.
If a child gets badly hurt or killed she will get traumatized and unable to attack.

Combat Information

A sword/whip. The blade can unlock and separate transforming into a whip (soul caliber Ivy style). She can use the air/wind dust tattooed onto her skin to help her run, lift her up off the ground or create strong gusts of wind.

Telekinetic Weaving. The ability to lift and connect objects and have them stick together. Can only be used on objects that are not living. Can also be used to crush or expand objects.

Semblance RP Example
Felicia stands in front of a large gaping hole in the lecture room. Apparently one of the doctors classes blew up again. She held her hand out and the pieces laying near her start to rumble and shake, blasting off towards the whole and restoring it to how it originally was.

Semblance Rolls
In combat she can lift things and make projectiles from objects lying around.
+10 attack roll
Lasts 1 post
Cool down 3 posts

**To knock off her glasses an attack roll of 19 or 20 (natural) is needed and the post before the role needs to mention attacking her face**

When she loses her glasses she must spend 2 posts not attacking.
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