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[Huntress] Sable Stygian - niaranashi (edited profession)

All accepted applications go in here.

[Huntress] Sable Stygian - niaranashi (edited profession)

Postby niaranashi » Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:41 am

Was a substitute teacher for Felicia Rose. Now is a Huntress working in Mistral. Can be on call for missions involving students.

Student/Teacher Application

Character Info

Name: Sable Stygian
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus

Character Background
Growing up in Mistral, Sable learned how to fight for herself early on, from people looking to take advantage of her. She had no parents or relatives to rely on. One day she took on a delivery job that went to another village. There she was attacked by a beowulf. She ended up grabbing a stick and impaling its eye before the beowulf managed to swipe at her and damage the side of her face. Suddenly a group of men and women surrounded her and rescued her. These people belonged to the White Rose Defense Company. She was taken in and fed, a few people from the group, including a young girl with striking white hair, escorted her to the village she was heading to. The girl she met was Felicia Rose who was just learning how to fight. Felicia suggested coming with her to Sanctum. She decided then and there that she would learn how to fight and devote herself to the people who came to her side when she had no one. Sable is now a huntress working mostly by herself.

Being good friends with Felicia and knowledgeable in combat, Felicia called Sable to substitute for her as she left Beacon temporarily due to personal matters.

Extremely good offense and agility
Is good at thinking in tough situations

She can't see well out of her right eye
Poor defense
Doesn't like to associate herself with anyone other than close friends

Combat Information

A klaive-polearm that can use gravity at the end of the blade- making a sort of long deadly pogo stick. Can also be used to push enemies away.

"Hard headed" She can increase the size of the horns on her head and ram someone/something with them.

Semblance RP Example
Sable stood still and put her head down. Her horns start emitting a black mist and start growing. She charged straight towards the boarbatusk and hit it- sending it flying towards a nearby tree- making an indentation.

Semblance Rolls
1 post to charge it
+15 attack for 1 post
-5 to defense for 2 posts after attack
4 posts to recharge (including the -5 defense posts)
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