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Team Roster

Find the current teachers and teams here!

Team Roster

Postby Peke » Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:30 pm

Beacon Academy Teams

Team Crystal (CRSL)
Sapphire Shropshire (Agirl3003)
Cotton Caramella (niaranashi)
Ryu Hidaka (Shindo)
Luna Lilac (xXMaelynXx)

Team Winter (WNTR)
Wyte Wind (Wyte / treo.sprit )
Naranji Nutkin (Tinala Coakes)
Twilight Godric (Red / Jentoh.catron )
Rosemary 'Leafy' Leaf (Maple / nyangelin)

Team Cokonut (CKNT)
Carmine Fury (Nyx Kimono)
Kyla Kallt (Kyumimi)
Nero Obsidian (Yomi Draegonne)
Tawny Teleriko (PekeNL)

Team Desk (DESQ)
Dende Sycamore (Goku27)
Elphelt Cheian (PhoenixSakura)
Soul Silver (soulstealerfaith131)
Quinn Zise (Rosie Takaaki)

Team Fabulous (FABS)
Sakura Fubuki (Sebasuchan Kingamker)
Alari Sapphire (yuni321)
Alice Bloodfield (victoria99999)
Jade Stein (Cheyeth)

Team Arson (ARSN)
Alex sparr (slayer8789)
Nila Sparr (alice27v5)
Raven Sato (ace.bournewold)
Sun-Zuu Ming (kotoamatsukami)

Those who are not in a team (yet) are highly encouraged to join the Looking for team (LFT) group. You can join it by copying the following URL in your web-browser while running your SL client!
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