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[Teacher] Marina Iris - Hitos

This archive has all the unlocked character sheets. If you wish to revive and edit your character, Just copy your post and make a new thread in the thread this archive is located at.

[Teacher] Marina Iris - Hitos

Postby кαyℓєє ℱυяy-αℓєиqυєя » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:26 pm

Student/Teacher Application

Character Info

Name: Marina Iris
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Character Background
(Tell us about your character, here did he/she grew up? How was their life ect.)

Marina is the oldest of three and originally comes from Atlas. She grew up in a very militarized environment where her Father and mother were both a part of the Altesian Military and most of her family before that had also been in the military. Marina had decided at a young age that she did not want to be like the rest of her family and had instead decided that she had wanted to become a Huntress. She studied for years before even thinking of attending a school that would teach her properly and while when younger her attention span would generally get the best of her she would finally lean all she could and needed to attend a school. Her family while not generally supportive gave her the chance to move to Vale on her own since she was showing such an interest and gave her the necessary funds to start her new life there. She attended Beacon and after graduating and spending a couple of years as a fairly skilled Huntress decided to help out and put her skills to use by helping the next generation lean. She now Teaches at Beacon as a substitute teacher and her younger sister Ami lives with her in Vale while she is attending Beacon as well.

(Tell something about your character his/her Strengths.)

Marina is very intelligent and tries to be strategic before rushing into any situation. She is also very strong since her weapons are so large.

(Tell something about your character his/her weaknesses.)

Since she uses cumbersome weapons, unless she is using her semblance she is not as agile as some are.

Combat Information

(Describe your character his/her weapon. Remember: only one weapon, which has three forms: A folded mode, unfolded mode and a ranged attack mode.)

Her weapon is two large metal piston like fists that can retract to become miniguns when she needs ranged attacks.

(Tell something about your character his/her Semblance. Please be aware that semblances should also include a merit or drawback to them. Example: Character x can run very fast, but only for short periods.)

Rev-Up: Marina uses Kinetic energy generated from her own movements as well as when she blocks oncoming attacks (Has to block it) to gain more energy to achieve insane speeds. The more stored energy the longer or faster she can move.

Rev-Up is a hereditary Semblance that the Iris family all utilize.

Semblance RP Example
(As we noticed some Semblances look good on paper but don't work as well in combat, please provide a short RP post of your character demonstrating their semblance. A minimum of 3-5 sentences is preferred to give us a good glimpse at how the ability will play out in game.)

Marina Iris would be standing at the ready in the sparring classroom with her fists up, when her opponent attacked she managed to block it with the large gauntlets and smiled as she felt the flow of transferring kinetic energy. She would then hop back to give herself ample room to dash off to a more favourable vantage point to unload her miniguns from a distance where it would be more difficult to reach her.

Semblance Rolls
(This is how your semblance affects your rolls in combat. This will help us determine whether the semblance will be technically fair and balanced during fights. Rolls are made on a d20 attached to our RP HUD. For example:
Buff amount - how much does it add to your roll? +5
How many turns does it last? 1 Turn
How many turns does it take to cool down? 2 Turns
Any caveats (if the bonus does not apply to defensive rolls, etc.)?
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